Theology Tracts Pamphlets

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Publication date range

1804-1893, mainly 1850s and 1860s

Number of items


Description of the collection

The collection consists of addresses, essays, charges and sermons on a range of theological and ecclesiastical matters including:

Church maintenance and repair, ecclesiastical benefices, church burial, Church of England clergy, the role of laymen in the Church, Emanual Swedenborg and the New Jerusalem Church, Unitarianism and Calvinism, Church and State, Christian faith, ethics, the soul and immortality, leading a Christian life, the doctrine and government of the Church of England under Henry VIII, historical evidence for Christianity, the physical appearance of Christ, Christian teaching, pastoral care, religious freedom, the Book of Common Prayer, the Greek New Testament, demonology and spiritualism.


The collection is from the library of James Morris, Professor of the English College at Mauritius, and was acquired by the College in 1869. Some of the tracts are stamped "Sir John Rotton library". Sir John Rotton was on the College Council from 1869, and donated his library to the College on his death in 1926.

Language(s) of the material

Mainly English, 2 in German, 2 in Italian, 1 in French and 2 in Latin


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