Oxford Skeat Pamphlets

(Collection description created in 2002. Links checked 2009)


Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Oxford

Publication date range

The original material is concentrated around 1890-1900. More recent material has been added since then, on an ongoing basis.

Number of items

The collection has grown from its original ca. 500 books and ca. 500 pamphlets, to nearer 2000 items.

Description of the collection

Mainly schoolbooks and pamphlets in several Malayan languages and Arabic; the collection also includes Skeat's field notes in English. Many of the most important items in it have now been microfilmed. The subject area covered is South-East Asian social life and customs from 1850 onwards.


The basis of the collection was donated by W.W. Skeat, following his work in Malaya.

Language(s) of the material

Malayan languages and Arabic, with some English


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