Oxford Pottinger Collection of Pamphlets

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The Library, Worcester College, University of Oxford

Publication date range

1800-1910 (in addition, there are many late 18th century items, which may be found on the ESTC database)

Number of items

14,000 (bound in volumes)

Description of the collection

The pamphlets were collected by Henry Allison Pottinger (1824-1911). Pottinger was a Lecturer in Law and Modern History at Worcester College and from 1884 Librarian. In the Worcester College Report for 1910-11 he is described as an 'enthusiastic adherent of the school of Cobden'. He was counsel for Benjamin Jowett when he was attacked for heresy in the Chancellor's Court and he wrote various pamphlets 'on the Liberal side of University affairs'. He was an omnivorous book collector, purchasing pamphlets not only in England but also in France and elsewhere on the Continent. His interests were wide ranging. The two main subject areas are Theology and Politics; also included are History, Education, Economics, Law, Social topics, Literature, Philosophy, Science and much miscellaneous material. There are also numerous bound volumes of articles from Reviews, which have not been catalogued for the project.


Bequeathed to the Library by Henry Allison Pottinger (1824-1911)

Language(s) of the material

English, French, German, Italian etc


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