The Angus Library

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The Angus Library, Regent's Park College, University of Oxford

Publication date range

Project pamphlets 1800-1900; whole collection 16th-21st Centuries

Number of items

3,400 pamphlets catalogued as part of this project; entire collection ca. 25,000 books, 10,000 pamphlets (estimate)

Description of the collection

The Angus Library, a research library and archive of Baptist history and Baptist studies, containing at least 30,000 titles, over 200 periodical titles, most from the 19th Century, and 560 shelves of manuscript archives, incorporates the former libraries of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Baptist Historical Society and contains the Archives of the Baptist Missionary Society on deposit. Its holdings are entirely related to Christian theology and church history, with an emphasis on Nonconformity in general and Baptist history in particular. The pamphlets consist chiefly of sermons and tracts by or in response to Baptists or controversies in which Baptists were involved.


The working library of the Reverend Dr Joseph Angus, Principal of the College (when it was in London) 1849-1893, with subsequent additions from various sources.

Language(s) of the material

Most of the pamphlets are in English, with a small number in other European languages. The whole printed collection includes works in many Oriental and African languages as well.


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