Knowsley Pamphlet Collection

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Special Collections & Archives, Sydney Jones Library, The University of Liverpool

Publication date range

1812-1869 (predominantly 1828-1869) with one volume of French Revolutionary pamphlets

Number of items

1560 pamphlets bound in 139 volumes

Description of the collection

The nineteenth-century volumes (531-669) of the Knowsley Pamphlet collection were accumulated by the 14th and possibly the 15th Earls of Derby, and the contents reflect their parliamentary careers. Edward George, 14th Earl of Derby (1799-1869) was successively Irish Secretary (1830-33), colonial secretary (1833-34 and 1841-44) and three times Prime Minister (1852, 1858-59 and 1866-68). His career was summarised by Disraeli as "He abolished slavery, he educated Ireland, he reformed parliament". His son, Edward Henry, 15th Earl of Derby (1826-1893) was colonial secretary and later Indian secretary in his father's administration of 1858-59. The nineteenth-century volumes of the Knowsley Pamphlets contain large sections (100 or more items) on religion and church affairs, finance and taxation, India, Ireland, education and law reform; other strongly represented areas include foreign affairs and policy, particularly in the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the West Indies and China; prisons, defence, sanitary and social issues and parliamentary reform; there are smaller sections on individual acts of parliament such as the Jews' Bill, crises such as the Revolution of Paris, 1830, the working classes, free trade and temperance.


Part of the University's Knowsley collection of 17th - 19th century books and pamphlets purchased 1952-53 from Edward John Stanley, 18th Earl of Derby, not having been selected by Christies for their 1953-54 sales of items from the Library of Knowsley Hall, Lancashire.

Language(s) of the material

English; one volume in French


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