Family Welfare Association Pamphlets

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Historic Collections Section, Senate House, University of London Library

Publication date range

ca. 1800-1950

Number of items

5,000 volumes of books and pamphlets; 300 volumes of pamphlets

Description of the collection

Contains mostly late 19th and early 20th century publications, with 100 pre-1851 items, 300 volumes of pamphlets and over 100 volumes of government publications. It covers all social questions, with an emphasis on poverty and the Poor Law; education, mental and physical health and the blind. Donations include those of Thomas Mackay, Sir Charles Stewart Loch and William Harris, who gave a collection of books on the care and teaching of the blind. The library also contains the bequest of William Pare, the co-operator, many of whose books are in distinctive bindings, marked by his initials, including a scrapbook and much other material relating to Robert Owen, assembled for an intended biography which was never completed. Many of the works in the collection provide evidence of the practical Christianity and ethics of the day in a social context.


Founded in 1869 as the Society for Organising Charitable Relief and Repressing Mendicity and from 1871 to 1946 called the Charity Organisation Society, the Family Welfare Association deposited its library of 5,000 volumes of books and pamphlets on permanent loan in the Goldsmiths' Library in 1963

Language(s) of the material

Mostly English; some French, German and Dutch


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