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New College Library, New College, University of Edinburgh

Publication date range

Early 16th century to present day

Number of items

ca 30,000 volumes or boxes

Description of the collection

Following the foundation of New College Library in 1843, a decision was made in 1867 to collect pamphlets on current ecclesiastical controversies and retrospectively to acquire pamphlets on earlier controversies. The collection covers all periods of Scottish and British church history and affairs from the sixteenth century to the present day. There is particularly strong coverage of: the controversies surrounding the proceedings and acts of the Westminster Assembly (1643-1652); Covenanting; the eighteenth-century secessions in the Scottish Church; the Disruption in the Church of Scotland in 1843 and subsequent formation of the Free Church of Scotland; late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century moves to reunite the various branches of Scottish Presbyterianism. There are also strong holdings in sixteenth-century German and Swiss Reformation pamphlets. The twentieth-century collection contains parish histories, church guidebooks, experimental hymnbooks, and liturgies.


The bulk of the collection has been acquired, by donation or purchase, from the libraries of individuals (clergy or former members of New College staff).

Language(s) of the material

English, Scottish Gaelic, Scots, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, German, French, Dutch


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