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The Pamphlet collection in Cambridge University Library (class Pam.) embraces only a fraction of the 19th and early 20th century pamphlet material in the library. Class Pam runs from 1800 to 1940, and is in the form of Pam.5.81.56, where the first number is the ‘size’ number, the second is an indication of decade (in this case 1810-1819), and the last is the running number. This class contains a variety of subject matter, including political speeches, educational tracts and a significant number of law tracts, but its predominant subject grouping in the earlier part of the collection is moral, devotional and social theology, pastoral theology, with a significant number of sermons by individuals such as the Congregationalist George Burder (1752-1832).There are also a small number of foreign language items in German, French and Greek. The collection reflects to some extent the pressing questions of the day: Catholic emancipation, the Corn Laws, slavery, and British colonies.


Acquired through donation, legal deposit and purchase.

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Mainly English. Also French, German and Latin.


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