Cambridge Antiquarian Society Pamphlets

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Haddon Library of Archaeology & Anthropology, Cambridge University

Publication date range

ca. 1890-1950

Number of items

ca. 120

Description of the collection

Pamphlets, off-prints, guidebooks and other small publications relating to archaeology and other antiquarian studies in Cambridgeshire. Includes some manuscripts. A high proportion of the material concerns the city of Cambridge itself, and the University and the Colleges.


Various donors. This collection is owned by the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, whose relations with the University of Cambridge are governed by a formal agreement, which was last revised in 1987. For details, see the 'Cambridge University Reporter' dated 23 April 1987, pp. 493-494. Find out more details of the Society.

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Please ring +44 (0)1223 333506, or e-mail [email protected], if you wish to consult this material. It is stored in a locked room and is not available for loan. Readers are advised also that access to the Haddon Library involves stairs and that on-site parking is strictly limited.

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